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Pip's Paddocks is a purpose built paddock with drive in parking, surrounded by 6ft fencing making it a safe, secure space for you and your dog(s). 

We understand that not every dog(s) are obedient, well behaved, sociable or even if your looking for a large space for training then Pip's Paddocks is the perfect place for you to enjoy and watch and play with them to let off that built up energy. 

To access the paddock a number code will be required to be able to open the large gate, this will be provided in a confirmation email. If by mistake the code is not given to you then please ring 07858333610, this number can also be found on the fencing next to the large paddock gate. 

Open Times-

7 days a week, 365 days a year,

6AM-8PM Mon-Sunday

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