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Terms And Conditions

Owners use the paddock at their own risk, Pips Paddocks accept no liability for any injury/accident to either the user of the paddock or their dog.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept XL bullys and have to follow the rules that have been set out.

The equipment in the paddock is for dogs use only,please do not let children climb on anything.

If you are early please wait in the gate way and do not let dogs out the car.

Do not enter the paddock if another customer is already in there with dog(s).

We do recommend that dogs should be up to date with vaccinations however this at owners responsibility/risk.

Pips Paddocks can not be held liable for any dog(s) escaping the paddock. 

You must make sure the paddock is empty before removing your dog(s) from the car. Pips Paddock will also not be held liable for any vehicle damage or theft. 

You must make sure you have paid online and had confirmation before turning up. 

All dog poo must be picked up in the bags provided and put in to the bin which is also provided. 

If you can no longer make your booking please get in touch as we are flexible and can change it or sort a refund.

Please ensure the gate is properly open and secured before driving in and that it is shut behind you, this is for your and your animals safety. 

Toys and other excursive equipment are permitted to be used in the paddock at owners risk. Please ensure all items are removed at the end of your session.

Pips Paddock will not be held responsible for any dogs fighting during the session.

Any substantial damage to the paddock during your session is to be reported as soon as possible and the hirer may be liable for costs. 

Pip's paddocks does hold insurance with NFU mutual.

If you have any further enquiries or questions please get in touch via email or give us a call, we'll be happy to help.

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